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OMG my wrap is too long! 0
OMG my wrap is too long!

Finally, you’ve got it. The wrap you’ve been dreaming about is with you at last. It’s even prettier than the photos, it wraps like heaven, so nice to touch you want to wrap yourself in it. But.... there was only one size available, unfortunately, too long for you...

So what should I do when there is too much of my wrappy happiness? Today, I want to tell you what you can do with those extra meters of your wrap. Please, read the text to the very end - there is a surprise waiting for you!

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Back carry? It's easy! 0
Back carry? It's easy!

No, I will not try to persuade you to carry your baby on your back. It is much better if it just grows on you. Some parents carry their children in front till they ‘retire’ from babywearing and they are fine with it. I, on the other hand, got to love back carries so much, that I wouldn’t be myself if I were not to show you a number of obvious advantages for this type of carry.

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Let's go for a walk! My winter must-have 0
Let's go for a walk! My winter must-have

Do you, too, dream about this beautiful winter with snow glittering on sunny days and feel of crispy air on your cheeks? I do miss it a lot, but if we were to wait for the ideal weather, we would not got for a walk before spring. And you probably know this saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing. Let’s not talk about those bad ones today, as I want to share with you my tricks for winter walks.

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Babywearing in winter: busting the myths 0
Babywearing in winter: busting the myths

We have already experienced winter babywearing last year. If you are just starting this journey, maybe still fear going for a winter babywearing walk cause it’s cold, it’s not safe, it’s... well... you do not really know how to handle this. I tell you, at the beginning it wasn’t easy for me, too. This is why I want to help you, clear up the most nagging doubts, and bust the winter babywearing myths.

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What do you need the wrap for? 0
What do you need the wrap for?

You know, when you really start thinking about it - why would you need that wrap at all? It is just making your life more difficult; what you should do is teach your baby to lie down in the crib, not carry it close to you, your baby could get used to it and then you will be in trouble...

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All about wraps 0
All about wraps

Or what to choose, what should it be made of, what length to choose? Those are probably questions a parent has at the beginning of their babywearing adventure. It was a bit over a year ago when I decided I want to give babywearing a try and I had same questions, so I started googling:)

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Babywearing covers 0
Babywearing covers

It's been a while since we added them to our offer but we still didn't have ocassion to introduce them to you. Check our softshell and cotton fleece babywearing covers.

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TWIGA gift card 0
TWIGA gift card

Looking for a gift for a babywearing mom or dad? You know someone who would be happy to get clothes for two but you are not sure which of our products to choose? Give them a gift card which can be used to order any of the products in our online shop.

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4 in 1 sweatshirt 0
4 in 1 sweatshirt

Do you know that our brand, new blouse is totally revolutionary? Why? Because is multifuncional: 4in1. You can wear it during pregnancy, later - with your child in front or back, without your child, What do you think about it? 
More details: http://twigasklep.pl/en/produkt/babywearing-sweatshirt-4-1-pink

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