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OMG my wrap is too long! 0
OMG my wrap is too long!

Finally, you’ve got it. The wrap you’ve been dreaming about is with you at last. It’s even prettier than the photos, it wraps like heaven, so nice to touch you want to wrap yourself in it. But.... there was only one size available, unfortunately, too long for you...

So what should I do when there is too much of my wrappy happiness? Today, I want to tell you what you can do with those extra meters of your wrap. Please, read the text to the very end - there is a surprise waiting for you!


Solution 1: Change the carry

Even if you are a novice in the world of wraps, you surely noticed that tails of the kangaroo carry are longer than those of front wrap cross carry. Exactly! Each carry is different, so you can easily do a kangaroo or rucksack carry with a 3.6 meter wrap (or if you are a petite size, even with 3.2 meters), but for some other carries you will need a much longer wrap. If too much of a wrap bothers you, why not trying a layered carry. Please, remember, that most of them are suitable for children that can sit unassisted. If you are carrying your baby in front, try double cross carry - I guarantee you will be surprised of how little there is left of this unbelievably long wrap. For back carries many parents choose double hammock, which not only supports heavier baby pretty well, but also looks great. Layered back carries are a thing for a separate post, so I will write no more this time. You will find many tutorials on You Tube, and if you are a seasoned babywearer, you will surely get hang of the new carry based on a YT video.Backcarry_twiga


Solution 2: Try out various finishes

And what if you simply love rucksack carry and nothing can change that? I am not surprised at all - I also like this quick and comfortable carry. You don’t have to give it up, and it does not mean you have to walk with tails hanging below your knees. The rucksack carry has number of interesting finishes that look elegant and let you tie the tails so that they do not bother you. The most popular one is the Tibetan finish, where you cross the tails on your front approximately at the level of your armpits and tie them on your upper chest. And... it is much easier to do than to write about it :) So, I will make it - you guessed - short! It would be difficult to add anything more to what Wrap You in Love is doing on her YouTube channel. Do you know her videos? Just have a look at those tricks she is doing with her wrap tails: Wrap You In Love - You Tube - Rucksack finishes

While using various rucksack finishes, please pay attention to how each finish influences the original passage of the straps in the rucksack (e.g. some finishes make baby’s legs bend more) and choose one that works best for both of you.  In case of any doubts, consult the carry with babywearing instructor or an experienced babywearer ;)


Solution 3: One, two, three, cut!

OK then, the decision has been made, and it’s final. You decided to cut your wrap. How to do it? If you don’t feel comfortable with the sewing machine (or you don’t even have one), you’d better leave it to a professional. It is not difficult, so any professional tailor can do it easily. There are two ways to do it: you can cut one side of the wrap or you can shorten it evenly from both sides. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. When cutting only one side of the wrap, you have one bigger scrap left, but you need to move the middle marker to a new middle point. Some wrap companies sew their middle markers on the outside of wrap’s rail, some - inside it; in the latter case you would need to delicately rip some of the rails, remove the middle marker and sew it under the rail on the new middle point. Shortening the wrap from both sides seems easier, but then the scraps are smaller and it might be difficult to use it for something new. I recommend this method only when there is an attractive pattern in the middle of your wrap and you don’t want to move it anywhere after shortening of the wrap.  To secure your wrap tails, iron the double folded rim and machine sew it.


And what about the scraps?

You love your wrap so much that you would want to have a look at it from time to time; contemplate the pattern; touch it to feel the structure? Sounds crazy, but in the world of wrap fanatics we understand it so well.  When you have those scraps, you may have them sewn into some kind of a wrappy gadget (or try to do it yourself). Depending on the size of your scraps, you can choose from things like a key pendant, key holder, wallet or agenda cover. With bigger scraps you can have a waist bag or an ergonomic carrier, and if there is plenty of the fabric, then you can go really crazy... Clothing with wrap inserts, or made of wraps (have you seen those beautiful skirts?) - all you need is an idea, a sewing machine or a trusted tailor and soon you will be enjoying your piece of clothing made of your favourite wrap, and it is not important whether you still wear your baby or not :)

This is almost it...


... but, a surprise, as promised. Do you know we already have an idea for your wrap? 

Are you planning to buy some Twiga coat or 4in1 VERSO hoodie? We would be happy to make the wrappy inlay of your coat’s hood or VERSO collar so that your TWIGA  is not only beautiful and practical, but also the only one of a kind.

Do you like the idea?

Here are some details: for both hoods (for you and for your baby) we need at least 60 cm of the fabric (if the wrap has a fine, simple pattern). If the wrap has an uneven pattern or it is an ombre dye type, then we would need about 80 cm. In the latter case you need to decide which part of the pattern should be more visible and be placed closer to the coat’s collar. For VERSO collar we need at least 85-100cm.
A thinner, softer (cotton rather than linen) wrap would work better, but if you are not sure, simply contact us - we are pretty good at wraps, so we may be able to find a solution.

You may see an example of such a coat here (with the Luluna wrap inlay): Twiga Softshell with Luluna Inlay

So... are you ready to grab your scissors?

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