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Back carry? It's easy! 0
Back carry? It's easy!

No, I will not try to persuade you to carry your baby on your back. It is much better if it just grows on you. Some parents carry their children in front till they ‘retire’ from babywearing and they are fine with it. I, on the other hand, got to love back carries so much, that I wouldn’t be myself if I were not to show you a number of obvious advantages for this type of carry.


It will be easier for you

If your baby is few months old and weights more and more, it might be more and more difficult for you to carry them in front, especially when you carry them in front wrap cross carry, which puts all baby’s weight on your shoulders. You try to tie the wrap better, you look for a denser wrap. Maybe you are thinking that your babywearing days will be over soon. In fact, it is a good time to try and throw your baby on your back. Carrying your baby on your back is best for your spine. Your body straightens up naturally, and this helps your pelvic floor muscles to work properly (and you know how important this is after giving birth). If you only tie the wrap properly, you should not feel the weight on your shoulders, and baby’s weight would spread evenly on your back and hips. This way you can carry a quite heavy 2- or 3-year old - if they let you do this, of course :)


This is not that difficult.

When I write about “throwing” your baby on your back, I do not mean it literally :) it is not that dramatic. When moving baby from the front to the back, your baby is snuggled to your arm and your back, and not for a second is in the air. The carry starts with snuggling your baby in a “bag”, and if done properly, most of the work is done, and tying the wrap takes seconds. Rucksack, on the other hand, is the type of carry I particularly suggest to learn from babywearing educator. Not that it is difficult (just the opposite), but, when you do it for the first time, assistance of someone seasoned helps overcome any qualms related to carrying your baby on the back.


Your baby likes it

The fact that your baby starts jiggling in a wrap, looks around impatiently or looks down to the floor does not mean they don’t like being carried any more. They still like cuddling with mommy or daddy, but... the world around is sooooo interesting. If you see such behaviour of your baby, you should know this means: get me on your back! Looking from above mommy’s or daddy’s shoulder is much more comfortable than turning around, and parents’ back is a perfect look-out point. And it is not true that you have no contact with your baby on your back - you just look over your shoulder and you both can talk again. The only thing I miss is kissing and cuddling little head, as it is the case with front carries.


And when you get convinced...

... then you probably will start looking for some kind of clothing for two. While with front carries you might use your coat or sweater and close it on you and your baby, this is not possible with back carries. When you start looking on the Internet for some proper clothing and find that most of them are only for front carries, maybe then you will remember this post and will visit our website again :) And this will be it! Why? Because almost all of TWIGA coats and sweatshirts allow for both front and back carry. Maybe you will find something suitable for you and those long walks with the “rucksack”?...

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