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Let's go for a walk! My winter must-have 0
Let's go for a walk! My winter must-have

Do you, too, dream about this beautiful winter with snow glittering on sunny days and feel of crispy air on your cheeks? I do miss it a lot, but if we were to wait for the ideal weather, we would not got for a walk before spring. And you probably know this saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing. Let’s not talk about those bad ones today, as I want to share with you my tricks for winter walks.


Starting from... you!

Yes, you, as your and your baby’s comfort depends on what you wear. When babywearing, I decide to wear close-fitting blouses, shirts or tunics. And it is not about showing off your post-pregnancy figure, it is about comfortable tying of the wrap, as there is nothing worse than your frilly outfit getting in the way of proper tying. For the very same reason I pass up buttoned sweaters or blouses. Also, you do not need too many layers, as the wrap and your little baby snuggled into you will keep you warm enough.

I will not remind you to wear a hat (if you have an older kid, as I do, you can count on them reminding you about this J) If we talk about scarfs, I recommend rather close-fitting cowls. I have a feeling that classic scarfs are a bother for both the mother and the baby. And they are a real horror when you carry your baby in a ring sling - it happened to me a few times that a thin scarf got tangled between my sling rings.

And then, shoes; they do not seem important for babywearing. But, really, please pay attention to what you wear. Make sure they are comfortable, heavy duty, something that will not make you slide with just a little bit of the frost. With your baby in a wrap, your center of gravity is shifted, so when you slide it is more difficult to get your balance back.


Time for the little one

Are you ready to go? Now it is time to get your baby ready. First and foremost, remember to treat your wrap as one layer of clothing and your body heat as another layer. That way you will not overheat your baby. Now a few of my top tricks that let us dress quickly, tie a wrap flawlessly and walk comfortably:

Rompers or light overalls; They protect the baby’s back, do not crease when tying the wrap, and if they fit a bit loosely they give the baby additional freedom to move. I recommend clothing made of thin, but warm fabric, for example merino wool.

Balaclava type of hat - very useful, especially when you carry your baby on your back. If my son can’t take it off, no child can :), and with it your baby does not need a scarf.

Mittens on a string - tested and tried trick; I am sure you had those as a child. You may ask “mittens? why? with baby in a wrap?”, but remember that the older kids like to take their hands out of a wrap (or even out of a coat) and it would be better to have something to protect those tiny little fingers.

Leg warmers - I suggest to use those instead of pantyhose I carry my boy to the nursery, and cannot picture the situation when I take his pants off, take his pantyhose off, put his pants on again (and the other way round before we leave the nursery in the afternoon). Of course, you can leave pantyhose on, but... this is so out of style for any young man :)


Now, something for both of you

Do I really have to talk you into using babywearing clothes for two? I think that the argument of having less clothes to put on before any walk is enough to support the case. I want to suggest two ways of winter babywearing - depending on the development stage of your baby - and you may want to choose the option more comfortable for you:

Coat for two - this will be ideal if you wear a baby that does not walk yet. Your baby will be cosy and warm under your coat. When babywearing in front, your baby’s head goes through the hole in the panel, so you can zip the coat up to your neck. If you wear your baby on your back, it is probably an older, more curious and fidgety child - this is why the back panel is roomy and does not require getting baby’s head through it.

Your coat + a babywearing coat - if your baby walks already, she/he may want to do it from time to time to return to your arms right back. For such walks it will be more comfortable for you to use the insert, which can be quickly attached and detached from your coat, when your toddler decides to walk. The insert is made of the same material as your coat, i.e. softshell with microfleece lining, which gives warmth and protection for the baby that decides to rest a while in your arms.

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