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Babywearing in winter: busting the myths 0
Babywearing in winter: busting the myths

We have already experienced winter babywearing last year. If you are just starting this journey, maybe still fear going for a winter babywearing walk cause it’s cold, it’s not safe, it’s... well... you do not really know how to handle this. I tell you, at the beginning it wasn’t easy for me, too. This is why I want to help you, clear up the most nagging doubts, and bust the winter babywearing myths.


Myth #1 In wintertime, a stroller is a better solution

I will be a contrarian on this one: winter is a very good time for babywearing! Those cold and gloomy days are just the time for a dose of positive energy – that is, cuddling and hugging. Then there are some practical issues: with your baby in a wrap, you save yourself from a doubtful pleasures of plowing through snow and mud, carrying a stroller on slippery icy stairs, putting your baby in a snowsuit, and taking endless number of accessories for unpredictable weather.


Myth #2 Toddlers can be worn on your jacket only

Going out with your toddler is a mixture of “I wanna go by myself!” and “Carry me! I am so tired!”? Been there, done that. ☺ Almost every article I read about babywearing toddlers in winter mentions that older children should be worn on your coat for this very reason. I must say I do not fully agree with that. We experience two types of winter walks: first is the one described above; second - longer walks, when my year-and-a-half-old son is in the wrap under my coat. It is a perfect solution for me. Why? Have you ever tried to put all those sweaters, scarfs, pantyhose, jackets and what not on an extremely energetic kid? Well, then you know... I prefer to skip all the acrobatics and use a babywearing coat for two.


Myth #3 Your baby will get too warm / too cold / will suffocate!

Easy, easy,... everything is gonna be all right. Get prepared with bunch of sharp retorts for all those nosy neighbours, but most of all take care of your baby with proper clothing. Remember: your wrap replaces one layer of clothing, and warmth of an adult body is another layer. Also, make sure your baby can breathe freely, even when asleep. I am sure you will work out your own ways with time. Here are mine: I choose clothing that would not crease on the back while tying the wrap, i.e. I replace a regular t-shirt with a bodysuit, dungarees instead of regular pants or simply very thin overalls - not the fluffy ones, warm cotton or merino wool are much better. I do not like pantyhose - instead I put legwarmers on pants. Now, the hat - for me a balaclava is the thing - it is difficult to take it off even for a very talented toddler.


Myth #4 Babywearing clothing is an unnecessary spending

At the beginning, when your baby is really tiny, you both can fit in your regular, more roomy coat. And this is perfectly OK - enjoy those 2-3 months of comfort. Then, you will be too cramped. Your partner’s coat? Oversize sweater? All those temporary solutions were fine for me until I decided to wear my baby on my back. And, sooner or later, your partner will start getting cold and will want his coat back. ☺


Now, let’s talk money... Buying clothing that can be worn only with your baby in a wrap does sound like an extravagance ☺ While designing TWIGA clothing we bear in mind that babywearing time comes to an end one day - and this is why you can use any of our products with or without your baby. A TWIGA coat can serve you also when your baby is big enough to take your hand and go play in the snow. In the meantime - stay warm and close!

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