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What do you need the wrap for? 0
What do you need the wrap for?

You know, when you really start thinking about it - why would you need that wrap at all? It is just making your life more difficult; what you should do is teach your baby to lie down in the crib, not carry it close to you, your baby could get used to it and then you will be in trouble...
   Sounds dangerous? So I’d better explain this to you - this little human being will not get used to be carried; because of the close contact with parent (no matter mother or father) babies meet their need for closeness, love and safety. Moreover, I promise, there is nothing better than a newborn snuggled into a parent, hearing the beat of your heart, being swung, feeling warm and simply falling asleep.

   Contrary to what one might think, a wrap is not an invention of 20th century; it is the stroller that was invented as late as mid 19th century. Various types of carriers and wraps were used much, much earlier. There are still countries where a stroller indicates tourists, probably from Europe:) One of my friends told me, after travelling to India, that you don’t see strollers there, and there are no crying children, as they are carried in carriers and/or wraps or swung in hammocks all the time.
   I think it’s a good time to write a few words about my daughter Jagoda. My precious girl, from the 4th week of her life, had awful colics, and the best remedy for her was swinging, carrying and cuddling. But, after two or three hours, my hands were sore, not to mention I could not do anything else being busy carrying my child. Then I came across an article about wraps. I decided to give them a try, and that is how our adventure started; I don’t have to mention I fell in love with babywearing... Finally, I could easily do things around the house; then I started reading more about babywearing and its positive aspects for baby’s development. I’ve learned babywearing is perfect for hip development, as hips are in the best possible development position; it may be recommended in case of dysplasia (in such case you need to pay special attention to the baby’s position in a wrap and some workshops may help then, but that’s probably something for a separate future blog post).
Because Jagoda was in the wrap, she could see much more and could watch and learn about the world around her, and she is this very curious kind of girl:) It was so much easier to whisper right into her ear when she was in the wrap; and we, parents, know that for our babies, our voices have this magical soothing power. And against all opinions, my babywearing baby very quickly showed me that she wants to explore the world on her own, i.e. crawling, so I do not really know the problem of her being in my arms and carried everywhere all the time. I might say I notice that more often those children that are not carried either in a wrap or in parent’s arms need it more and ask more often to get into their parents’ arms.

   Your babywearing journey may take as long as you and your baby want it to take. Jagoda is 16 months old and she still wanders about on my back. Oh, and I want to say I am not against strollers; we’ve got one at home and sometimes it is nice to go for a walk with baby in a stroller, and sometimes it is a great device to transport your shopping:)

   To sum it all up, I think babywearing is one of the best parts of my life, and that allowed me to bond very close with Jagoda. And to answer the question - why would we need that wrap for? To feel freedom that you sometimes miss after you gave birth to this little human being.

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