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All about wraps

Or what to choose, what should it be made of, what length to choose? Those are probably questions a parent has at the beginning of their babywearing adventure. It was a bit over a year ago when I decided I want to give babywearing a try and I had same questions, so I started googling:) And there was plenty of information; but, unfortunately, I didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. So it was somewhat one step forward, two steps back; my first wrap was made of cotton, but it wasn’t broken twill weave, which made tying the wrap properly difficult, and I didn’t feel secure enough, but couldn’t find out what was wrong. Then, when I met other mommas, more experienced at babywearing, I was able to ask them about that, get their advice, find out about their experience. So, I wanted to share those most important points with you:


1) What type of wrap?
- Preferably with broken twill weave, as this will make tying easier, and it will be more comfortable for you.


2) What should it be made of?
- For the beginning, especially in case of the smallest babies, it would be good to have a cotton wrap - it is easy to wash, and the fabric is pleasant to the touch for the baby. When the baby gets bigger and heavier, then wraps with linen or hemp work well. My daughter is already 16 months old, she weights about 12 kilos and we are very happy with our hemp & cotton wrap.


3) What length to choose?
- Length of the wrap depends on the “size” of the babywearing parent. A person of smaller frame will be fine with size 5 (4.2m), those of bigger frame or simply taller will probably choose size 6 (4.6m) or even size 7 (5.2m). Of course, for the beginning you can buy a longer wrap, as usually the first carry requires more fabric to wrap; but then, with next carries requiring less fabric, you can easily shorten it a little:) Everyone is different and has their own way to do it. My second wrap was size 7 (5.2m) and I had a bit of lengthy ends at my back; because of that funny situations would happen, when on a tram or a bus, people would shout after me: “Hey, lady, you are about to lose your scarf”:)
There are probably much more questions, but those three seem key to me for starters.


And of course I can talk about wraps for hours and hours, but today I only wanted to point out those issues; so hopefully see you here again. If you speak Polish, and have more questions, please visit “Stowarzyszenie Poznan w chuscie” website or a babywearing forum, where babywearing parents are really happy to help and share what they already know:) I am also ready to help and share my experience, or help you choose your wrap, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


I recommend Little Frog and Natibaby wraps. I have them in my private stash and I can assure you that they are tested and tried and I love using them. Moreover, those are Polish products:)

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